Pest & Disease Control

Pest & Disease Control

Pest & Disease Control

Pest & Disease control in hydroponics

One of the most importent aspects to a successful  hydroponic harvest. is a disease and pest control program. A pest and disease free grow room is essential to the future wellbeing of your plants.
We have a wide selction of these preventative products on hand to eliminate any potentially damaging problems, ensuring maximum results...prevention is always better than a cure.

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FLAIRFORM phytoff-1 Litre

Product no.: FF002

£29.95 *
List price £36.00

Insect Catcher Pack of 5

Product no.: IC01

£4.50 *

10ml Syringe with 0.5ml graduations

Product no.: AE01

£0.60 *

Guard'n'aid Pistol Spray Gun 750ml

Product no.: AE02

£2.00 *


Product no.: HiG01

£69.99 *

Thrips Protection Spray by Spray & Grow

Product no.: S&G02

£30.00 *

Guard 'n' Aid Pest off Plus

Product no.: GAP1

from £9.95 *

New Pyrethrum 5EC

Product no.: PR005

£39.99 *
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