FLAIRFORM phytoff-1 Litre

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FLAIRFORM phytoff-1 litre 

Pythoff is a broad spectrum disinfecting agent that will sterilise your entire hydroponic system to ensure maximum plant performance all year round. Pythoff is based on monochloramine - a proven and trusted drinking water disinfectant used world wide. Monochloramine's popularity is based on the fact that it is a non toxic and long lived disinfectant. Being a long lived disinfectant is beneficial for hydroponics because this enables complete system disinfection - from the nutrient tank all the way through to the plant's roots. This property is not possessed by other disinfectants such as ozone and UV, simply because these agents do not form a stable residual disinfecting chemical in your nutrient solution. Pythoff is non systemic and therefore it can be used throughout the fruiting period. Pythoff will not destroy trace element chelates - unlike UV and OZONE. Pythoff has an indefinite shelf life. This allows predictable and consistent dose rates unlike products such as liquid chlorine. Pythoff has multiple uses - sterilising active systems, sterilising system hardware between crops and pre sterilising system 'make-up' water. 

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