BAC Foliar Spray - 120ml

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BAC Foliar Spray fortifies your plants by stimulating the production of chlorophyll making the stems and leaves harder and more resilient.  The foliar spray strengthens plants against insect attacks, mites, pests and fungal attacks. The BAC Foliar Spray gives your plants a 'second skin' making it hard for any pathogens to develop in your plants. To use, dilute in water and apply with a spray bottle on the leaves and stems in low light conditions.  Use 4ml / L every 7 days as a prevention measure. 

You can also spray the lower part of the plants and the root zone to activate the beneficial life present in the substrate to further improve the health of your plants.  This spray can be used on infected plants.  The increased production of chlorophyll should bring your plants back to a healthy state within 10 - 15 days.

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