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An Agronomist in Your Pocket!

We provide instant, on site testing. Whenever you want to diagnose a problem, harvest accurately, or check your potency - we got you covered. Using HiGrade is like having an agronomist in your pocket!

Plant Diagnostics

From balancing nutrients to fighting pests, protecting your plant starts with accurate diagnostics. Snap a photo of your plant and HiGrade will send expert diagnostics and treatment suggestions right to your palm.

Harvest Optimization

“Knowing when to harvest is a form of art”... Not anymore. Eliminate the guesswork by sending us macro photos of your buds, and we’ll instruct you exactly when to harvest.

Potency Evaluation

Whether you need in-house testing or just want to know what you consume, get instant evaluations of your flower’s potency! Use it to know how your buds compare with top shelf buds, and even better control your medicine’s dosage.


The HiGrade Scope turns your smart phone into a powerful microscope, allowing our deep learning algorithms to detect your plant’s condition.

Order now and get:
- One HiGrade app activation code
- One HiGrade Scope

Scope Features:
- 30X magnification
- LED lighting
- Easy to use
- Fits all phones
- Batteries included




- Nutrient deficiencies and excesses detection
- Pests, mold and stress identification
- Optimal harvest timing prediction
- Potency evaluation
- Early stage sexing 
- Expert suggestions
...and much more to come!

For more info visit https://www.gethigrade.com

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