Nutrients and Additives

Nutrients and Additives

Nutrients and Additives
CANNA is thé producer of nutrients and growing mediums for the cultivation of fast growing plants. Ever since the founding in the early 90s, all products are scientifically tested first, before put on the market. But even before the company was established, the founders were already scientifically pioneering with plants.

CANNA holds the complete production chain in its own hands. From development to research, via marketing and sales to the unique environmentally friendly production line. CANNA also has its own logistics department and of course a laboratory. Here passionate scientists unravel the secrets of nature. The passion for plants is shown in CANNA’s quality products. Years of intensive research precede the market launch of each product.

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Moonshine Sunshine Foliar Feed Spray - 500ml

Product no.: moonshine

£11.99 *

Snoop's-Hyzyme - 1 litre (Type: Hyzyme - 1 litre)

£19.79 *
List price £21.99

Snoop's - Radical Roots - 1 litre (Type: Radical Roots - 1 litre)

£35.09 *
List price £38.99

Snoop's -Yummy Yield - 1 litre (Type: Yummy Yield - 1 litre)

£40.49 *
List price £44.99

House & Garden Roots Excelurator 100 ml

Product no.: HG040

£18.95 *

Plant Magic Boosting Powder - 65 gm

Product no.: PM050

£6.95 *

ROOTiT First Feed - 125 ml

Product no.: RI001

£2.95 *

DYNOMYCO - 100gm

Product no.: DM001

£9.95 *


Product no.: DM002

£49.95 *
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