House & Garden PK 13/14

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Use PK 13-14 four weeks before the end of the harvest. Prepare the nutrients container by first mixing the base nutrients and setting your EC values then add PK13-14 and adjust your PH values. Dilution rate 1.5ml of PK13-14 will make 1 litre of usable nutrient solution. 

House & Garden PK 13-14 stimulates rapid fruit and flower formation by providing your plants with a large amount of phosphorus and potassium over a period of 3 to 4 days. This creates the illusion of a drought within the plant, stopping the growth cycle completely and forcing it into the flowering cycle. Phosphorous and potassium are important building blocks for the plant. Phosphorous is needed for the root formation and influences the respiration and photosynthesis within the plant. Phosphorous also plays a massive part in the flowering and ripening process. Potassium is needed for the absorption and transport of nutrients in the plant. It also has a beneficial effect on the ripening process.

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