HYDRoToPS was the first UK based company to design a range of products combining the spirit and ethos of the organic grower drawing on the in depth knowlege of hydroponic growing and nutrients.  In 1998 their biOpOnic range was developed.  The aim was to produce high performance bio-organic nutrients that deliver consistent outstanding results for hydroponic, coco and soil growers. Since that time HYDRoToPS has introduced many ground breaking ideas and concepts to the hydroponic world.  One such example is their renownwd Triple F (fully formed flowers). Inyroduced to the world in 2002 it was the first flower enhancer to increase yields by up to increase yields by up to 40% whilst remaining 100% organic.

HYDRoToPS was the first company in the world to introduce the concept of nutrients tailored to your water supply.  Hydrotops have been producing customer nutrient formations for UK growers since 1996.  We can send a sample of your water for analysis and they will manufacture the nutrient designed specifically for your water.                                            

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HYDRoToPS BioPonic Grow or Bloom A & B for Coco

Product no.: BGC3

from £17.95 *

HYDRoToPS BioPonic Grow or Bloom A & B for Hydro

Product no.: BGH3

from £17.95 *

HYDRoTops Triple F

Product no.: FFF3

from £34.95 *

HYDRoToPS Root Stimulator

Product no.: RS3

from £21.95 *

HYDRoToPS Head Start

Product no.: HS3

from £16.95 *

HYDRoToPS Floral Boost (Hydro and Coco)

Product no.: FB3

from £22.95 *

HYDRoToPS Flower Feed

Product no.: FF3

from £19.95 *

HYDRoToPS Leaf Feed

Product no.: LF3

from £19.95 *


Product no.: F3

from £15.95 *

HYDRoToPS Solo Bloom (one part for soil)

Product no.: SB3

from £16.95 *

HYDRoToPS - Solo Boost

Product no.: SB3a

from £19.95 *

HYDRoToPS Solo Grow (one part for soil)

Product no.: SG3

from £16.95 *

HYDRoToPS - Top Heavy Crop

Product no.: THC3

from £39.95 *

HYDRoToPs Bactivator

Product no.: BAC2

from £23.49 *
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