Shogun Sumo Active Boost

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SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost is a liquid emulsion concentrate composed of a natural compound called Triacontanol and a plant extract sustainably harvested from the South Atlantic. It has the exact same active ingredients as standard SHOGUN Sumo Boost but has been formulated in such a way that it remains stable in tanks for up to 14 days. As with SHOGUN Sumo Boost, this version stimulates heavyweight nutrient uptake and photosynthesis while increasing the content of sugars, proteins, resins and terpenes.

SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost has enhanced stability for use in active hydro systems.

Root feed throughout flowering with a foliar application every two weeks.

Increases water and nutrient uptake producing higher fresh and dry weights upon harvest.

Increases the production of secondary metabolites. These metabolites are used as defence compounds and include resins and terpenes that normally protect the plants from their external environments.


SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost may be used to stimulate growth in any stressed or under-performing crops.


Applied to crops at the early stages of flowering development, Sumo Active Boost boosts shoot growth and flower set and enhances the plants ability to take up nutrients from the growing media, helping it to withstand stress conditions and attack from pests and diseases. 



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