Water Pumps & Accessories

Water Pumps & Accessories

Water Pumps

A water pump is an essential part of most types of hydroponic grow systems. They are used to deliver the nutrient solution to the plants. We carry a large   range of the best pumps on the market Small pumps to larger powerful ones are always in stock should you need for your system. 


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The Micro-Jet MC450 Oxy Pump

Product no.: WP03

£18.50 *

Maxi-Jet MJ500 Water pump

Product no.: WP04

£22.95 *

Maxi-Jet MJ1000 Water pump

Product no.: WP05

£29.99 *

The Micro-Jet MC320

Product no.: WP01

£15.99 *

The Micro-Jet MC450

Product no.: WP02

£16.99 *

Delivery Tube GT System

Product no.: WP07

£1.80 *
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