Hydroponic pumps, air pumps, air stones and nutrient solution heaters can all be used to create and deliver a highly oxygenated nutrient rich solution, directly to your plant roots at the correct optimum temperature for them to thrive. We stock several hydroponic pumps, air pumps, air stones and nutrient solution heaters, which are all designed to help you easily achieve this, our range of reliable, silent operating pumps are suitable for the very smallest of systems right through to much larger ones. They are adjustable so you can tailor the flow to meet the exact needs of your system. Their design makes them ideal for constant running systems like NFT as well as Flood & Drain and numerous others. Active hydroponics requires regular amounts of water and nutrients to be delivered to your plant roots for your plants to survive. . 

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The Micro-Jet MC320

Product no.: WP01

£15.99 *

The Micro-Jet MC450

Product no.: WP02

£16.99 *

The Micro-Jet MC450 Oxy Pump

Product no.: WP03

£18.50 *

Maxi-Jet MJ500 Water pump

Product no.: WP04

£22.95 *

Maxi-Jet MJ1000 Water pump

Product no.: WP05

£34.95 *

Hailea ACO-2204 Twin Outlet Air Pump

Product no.: AP01

£14.95 *
List price £16.99

Air Stone 2 inch Ball.

Product no.: AP10

£0.95 *


Product no.: AP200

from £0.40 *

Hailea Flat Circular Airstone- 150mm (6")

Product no.: HAS1

£5.95 *

Boyu Low Noise SES Air Pumps - 5 sizes

Product no.: BAP5

from £29.95 *
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