Mammoth Grow Tents

Mammoth Grow Tents

Mammoth Grow Tents

Mammoth tents are the ideal offering for a range of growers. They provide the ultimate in quality and provide a variety of features to make growing simple and effective. Mammoth Grow Rooms are a industry-leading manufacturer of premium quality tent environments. Utilising the latest indoor growing technology and reflective mylar, Mammoth tents are recognised for their excellent quality and durability. Mammoth tents offer options to suit growers from novice to the advanced. We stock the entire range from small propagation tents to 6m Elite designs with premium options. Mammoth utilises strong framing with plastic protective cornering, the tents are easy to assemble with interlocking tent options.

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Mammoth Grow Room Pro 150 150x150x200cm

Product no.: MM06

£174.99 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 200 200x200x200cm

Product no.: MM07

£279.99 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 240 240x240x200cm

Product no.: MM08

£384.99 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 90 90x90x180cm

Product no.: MM03

£109.95 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 300 300x300x200cm

Product no.: MM09

£484.99 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 100 100x100x200cm

Product no.: MM04

£124.99 *

Mammoth Pro Grow Room 240W 240x120x200cm

Product no.: MM10

£234.99 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 120 120x120x200cm

Product no.: MM05

£139.99 *

Mammoth Pro Grow Room 300W 300x150x200cm

Product no.: MM11

£329.99 *

Mammoth Lite 80 80x80x160cm

Product no.: MM13

£49.95 *

Mammoth Lite 90 90x90x160cm

Product no.: MM14

£52.95 *

Mammoth Lite 10 100x100x180cm

Product no.: MM15

£62.95 *

Mammoth Lite 120 120x120x200cm

Product no.: MM16

£68.95 *

Mammoth Lite 200 200x200x200cm

Product no.: MM17

£159.95 *

Mammoth Lite 240Lx120Wx200cm

Product no.: MM18

£124.95 *

Mammoth Lite 150 150x150x200 cm

Product no.: MM19

£79.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 60x60x140cm

Product no.: MM20

£54.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 80x80x160cm

Product no.: MM21

£74.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 90x90x160cm

Product no.: MM22

£79.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 100x100x180cm

Product no.: MM23

£94.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 120x120x180cm

Product no.: MM24

£104.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 150 150x150x200cm

Product no.: MM25

£129.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 200x200x200cm

Product no.: MM26

£244.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 240 240x240x200cm

Product no.: MM27

£279.95 *
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