Grow Tents & Sheeting

Grow Tents & Sheeting

Indoor Hydroponic gardening offers many benefits the biggest and most well-known is being able to efficiently grow your own produce from the comfort of your own home, without any disturbances from uncontrollable weather conditions.
By using a hydroponic grow tent indoors you are ensuring that all important aspects like light, heat and nutrients are all kept under control.
Take full control in an optimum environment effectively for the best results.

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Mammoth Grow Room Pro 90 90x90x180cm

Product no.: MM03

£109.95 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 100 100x100x200cm

Product no.: MM04

£124.99 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 120 120x120x200cm

Product no.: MM05

£139.99 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 150 150x150x200cm

Product no.: MM06

£174.99 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 200 200x200x200cm

Product no.: MM07

£279.99 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 240 240x240x200cm

Product no.: MM08

£384.99 *

Mammoth Grow Room Pro 300 300x300x200cm

Product no.: MM09

£484.99 *

Mammoth Pro Grow Room 240W 240x120x200cm

Product no.: MM10

£234.99 *

Mammoth Pro Grow Room 300W 300x150x200cm

Product no.: MM11

£329.99 *

Mammoth Lite 80 80x80x160cm

Product no.: MM13

£49.95 *

Mammoth Lite 90 90x90x160cm

Product no.: MM14

£52.95 *

Mammoth Lite 10 100x100x180cm

Product no.: MM15

£62.95 *

Mammoth Lite 120 120x120x200cm

Product no.: MM16

£68.95 *

Mammoth Lite 200 200x200x200cm

Product no.: MM17

£159.95 *

Mammoth Lite 240Lx120Wx200cm

Product no.: MM18

£124.95 *

Mammoth Lite 150 150x150x200 cm

Product no.: MM19

£79.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 60x60x140cm

Product no.: MM20

£54.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 80x80x160cm

Product no.: MM21

£74.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 90x90x160cm

Product no.: MM22

£79.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 100x100x180cm

Product no.: MM23

£94.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 120x120x180cm

Product no.: MM24

£104.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 150 150x150x200cm

Product no.: MM25

£129.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 200x200x200cm

Product no.: MM26

£244.95 *

Mammoth Classic Grow Room 240 240x240x200cm

Product no.: MM27

£279.95 *

Roof Qube RQ120 Grow Tent 120x120x180cm

Product no.: MM29

£189.99 *

Roof Qube RQ 240W Grow Tent 240Wx120x180cm

Product no.: MM31

£289.99 *

Roof Qube RQ150 Grow Tent 150x150x180cm

Product no.: MM30

£259.99 *

Hydro Shoot Tent - 150 X 150 X 200cm

Product no.: HST150

£124.95 *
List price £159.95

Hydro Shoot Tent - 240 X 240 X 200 cm

Product no.: HST240

£239.95 *
List price £299.95

BUDBOX PRO GROW TENT 2m X 2m X 2m - white

Product no.: BBP005

£329.90 *

BUDBOX PRO GROW TENT 2m X 2m X 2.2m - white

Product no.: BBP006

£369.90 *

BUDBOX PRO GROW TENT 2.4m X 2.4m X 2m - white

Product no.: BBP007

£399.90 *
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1 - 36 of 54 results

Mammoth Grow Tents

Mammoth Grow Tents tents are the ideal offering for a range of growers. They provide the ultimate quality and provide a variety of features.


Green-Qube  grow tents provide cutting edge, innovative design that is easy-to-assemble, strong and durable. Tents designed and built to last