Grow Room Lighting & Accessories

Grow Room Lighting & Accessories

Hydroponic Grow light systems are the key to indoor growing. Grow lights replicate the power of the sun. Our selection of grow light systems range from 250w, 400w, 600w and 1000w systems. If this is what your trying to gain from your home grown plants then lighting is where all the secrets are held. Good quality lighting is at the top of the list for bigger better yield gains and  we stock an extensive range of indoor grow lighting from all the major brands. We can supply the home grower with everything needed to get growing a lush and healthy harvest.
Purchasing the perfect grow lighting system is one of the most crucial choices for any indoor gardener, too small, and your plants will fail to reach their potential, too big, you’ll struggle with high temperatures, burnt leaves, flowers or fruits and both will result in unhealthy plants with poor yields. If in doubt call "The King of the Castle" for free advice.

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Power Star Contactor -2 way relay

Product no.: PSC2

£29.99 *


Product no.: LUX2

£580.00 *
List price £775.00

Gavita Controller Cable

Product no.: GCC1

Gavita Interconnect Cable

Product no.: GIC1

Lumii Black 600 watt DS HPS Lamp

Product no.: LBB1

£14.95 *

Loadstar 600 watt DS Lamp

Product no.: LB600

£14.95 *

HortiKing 600 watt DS Bulb

Product no.: HKL600

£14.95 *

ProStar Gro 200w - 6400k

Product no.: PSG200

£29.99 *

Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamps - various

Product no.: GEHPS

from £23.95 *

Gavita Pro Plus HPS Lamps -various

Product no.: GPHPS3

from £39.95 *

Phillips Master Son-T PIA Plus Lamps - various

Product no.: PMS4

from £24.99 *

Lucilu Reflector

Product no.: LR1

£59.99 *

AdjustAWing Avenger Reflector (medium)

Product no.: AA1

£84.95 *

AdjustAWing Defender Reflector (medium)

Product no.: AD1

£55.00 *

Maxibright Digilight 250 Watt Kit

Product no.: MFK250

£74.95 *

Lumii 200 watt Envirogrow cool white CFL lamp

Product no.: LCFL200

£29.99 *

Pro Star Grow 200 watt - 6400k blue CFL

Product no.: PSCFL200G

£29.99 *

Pro Star Agro (Bloom) 300 watt - 2100 red CFL

Product no.: PSCFL300B

£49.99 *

Maxibright 600 watt CMH Agro 3k lamp

Product no.: MCMH600

£99.95 *

Lumenlite 600w MH conversion super lumen

Product no.: LMH600

£17.99 *

Optimum 24hour Timer - 15 min tappets

Product no.: OTS1

£13.95 *

Pro-Tech 600w Digital Dimmable Kit

Product no.: PT600

£74.95 *

Lumii Extension/Link Lead - 1.5 metres

Product no.: LEL1.5

£5.95 *

Lumii Extension/Link Lead - 5 metres

Product no.: LEL5

£7.95 *

Lumii Black 600 watt Kit with Rope Ratchets

Product no.: LBR600

£72.95 *
List price £93.80

MaxiBright Daylight 660w LED Pro Grow Light (with remote control)

Product no.: LED660

£794.95 *
List price £884.99
In stock

Pro Tech 600w Dimmable Ballast

Product no.: PTB600

£54.95 *
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37 - 72 of 103 results

Gavita Pro Lighting

GAVITA horticultural lighting
 An excellent product together with the “know how” on how to best integrate the light.



Lumatek Digital Ballasts are the most advanced lighting solution for modern horticulture. Small, compact, and completely silent these E-Ballasts are able to deliver more lumens while using less electricity than standard magnetic ballasts.Unlike traditional 'core and coil' magnetic ballasts, Lumateks are microprocessor-controlled and able to evaluate and compensate for the actual state of lamp degradation and voltage fluctuations in power supply from your local grid. This means that Lumateks are able to provide a precise controlled output voltage to the lamp ensuring optimum PAR levels are achieved.Lumatek products include Super Lumen and Multi-Watt Dimmable ranges: 250w, 400w, 600w, dual 600w, 750w and 1000w