Torus - Perfect PH Recharge Solution

Torus - Perfect PH Recharge Solution

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Perfect Ph Recharge Solution 

To use it, simply return the PerfectpH unit to the capsule it came in and add the solution, completely submerging it. Leave it like this for 2 hours and the unit will be ready to go. If you have lost or thrown away the capsule it came in, a similar container will work fine, as long as the solution covers the unit completely. Available in 500ml bottles.


PerfectpH Recharge Solution contains 5% hydrochloric acid and as such is a mild irritant. Be careful not to get any in your eyes or on your hands. We would always advise using protective equipment when handling liquids such as this. Gloves and safety glasses are the best pieces of equipment  for this. If you do get some on your hands, rinse thoroughly with water. If you get some in your eyes, wash carefully for several minutes and irritation continues, seek medical advice.

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