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ThePerfect pH  does exactly as it’s name indicates; automatically, it balances your system’s pH, maintaining the


perfect pH range for maximum nutrient absorption. 


  • No More daily ph Tests!
  • save water
  • save time
  • save money
  • eco friendly
  • Nasa technology
  • Reusable

Adequate pH management is essential in hydroponic systems as excess alkalinity can soon accumulate and contaminate the environment without the ground to root into.  

The perfect pH uses revolutionary ionisation technology used by N.A.S.A  to remove excess pH swing which can weaken a plant’s immune system and stunt it’s growth. By removing the positively-charged ions which create this build-up, the perfect pH produces the perfect ph environment for your plants. 

The Perfect pH is available in 2 sizes; the 35 gal model maintains upto 35 gallon/ 160 litre reservoirs and the 70 gal supports upto 70 gallon/320 litre reservoirs. To ensure your unit performs optimally, we recommend submerging it in perfectpH cleaning solution to remove the accumulated H+ ions. Replacement solution is available separately and on average lasts upto 6 months depending on your grow system. The unit can be replenished upto 6 times meaning a well maintained unit can last for years. 

The perfectpH significantly reduces water and nutrient consumption by reducing the need for reservoir changes. Because the Perfect pH removes the excess h+ ion reducing build up. The perfect pH replaces the difficult art of balancing the pH of a solution using pH up and down which can often result in several costly additions of each acid/alkaline and sometimes, a complete system flush and startover saving you hours of time and money. By keeping your reservoir fresh and balanced, the perfect pH can save upto 2600% water throughout a grow cycle. 

The perfectpH is perfect for Deep Water Culture (DWC), Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Flood and Drain, Aquaponics, or any combinations of these grow systems.

The perfectpH is not recommended for aeroponics or drip systems, as there is limited interaction between the water/nutrient mix and the roots of the plants. The perfectpH works via the ion exchange with the plants roots, so without a more direct connection between the plants and the water/nutrient solution, the perfect pH will not be as effective.

Keep your perfectpH sealed in it's original container until you're ready to add it to your reservoir, in order to maintain proper moisture levels.

Simply drop the perfectpH into the reservoir tank and watch your pH stabilize.

Keep your original perfectpH transport capsule for transportation and storage.
When not in reservoir or water, store perfectpH in it’s included transport capsule, with the top seal closed.

Store at temperatures not exceeding 122 F / 50 C.

Hydrogen peroxide is not recommended or needed in your hydroponics system whenusing the perfectpH.

Safe for plant and animal life but not for human consumption.

All Torus Hydro products include a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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