ROOT!T Dry Peat Free 24 Cell Propagator Kit

Product no.: RIPK24
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The ROOT!T Dry Peat Free 24 Cell Propagator Kit has all the basics for propagation and will get young plants off to a flying start. An excellent injection-moulded propagator made in the UK by Garland is the perfect home for the ROOT!T Dry Peat Free 24 Cell Filled Tray. The deep propagator base with its ridged bottom allows the cell tray to drain while retaining a small reservoir of nutrient solution to prevent drying out. The crystal-clear high-dome lid with rotary adjustable vent controls humidity and can accommodate taller plants. This product will last many seasons – the plugs can be readily replaced by refills or a new filled cell tray if necessary.  

Key selling points:  
Peat free plugs made from natural coco fibre, eco-friendly and biodegradable   
Suitable for propagation from seeds or cuttings  
Durable propagator injection-moulded in the UK by Garland 
High-dome lid accommodates taller plants 
Rotary adjustable ventilator 
Will last many seasons - refillable 
Technical Specifications:   
Plug material: Coco fibre and natural polymer 
Cell tray material: Polystyrene 
Propagator base material: Polypropylene 
Propagator lid material: Polycarbonate 
Plug quantity: 24 plugs 
Plug size: Ø32 mm x 38 mm high (Ø1.26” x 1.5”) 
Cell tray size: 29.5 cm x 19 cm x 4 cm (11.6” x 7.5” x 1.6”) 
Propagator size: L 37.5 cm x W 23 cm x H 18 cm (L 15” x W 9” x H 7”)   
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