Phresh Silenced HyperFan V2 with Carboair 60 and Acoustic Ducting

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Phresh Silenced HyperFan V2 - Combining Hyperfan technology with acoustic foam and a robust silencing canister, the Silenced Hyperfan V2 has been designed to eliminate sound while moving large volumes of air. The Silenced Hyperfans' cutting edge technology creates optimal air flow, similar in design to an aeroplane jet engine, while extra casing and dampening foam result in extremely low noise levels.

CarboAir 60 Filter -  ideal for smaller tents and spaces they are prestige products that are built to the exacting standards of Systemair. CarboAir utilises coarser, incredibly high quality carbon which gives you optimal contact time to eradicate smells whilst also maintaining unbeatable airflow from your fan.  Airflow rates are a very important part of your set-up. If too much 'drag' is caused by the filter, your extraction system won't work to its full potential: you'll move less air through the grow space, temps will rise and CO2 levels won't be replenished adequately, slowing down the process of photosynthesis and limiting plant growth. Maintaining a solid environment is easily the quickest route to successful growing.  Machine washable pre-filter sleeve included and pre-fitted

  • Kills grow room smells stone dead without stifling your fans power  
  • Maintain high performance levels at the rated airflows for at least 18 months

Acoustic Ducting (5m) - is constructed using an inner ducting to dampen noise, fibrewool for insulation and covered with an outer jacket acting as a vapour barrier.  Designed to reduce fan noise and the noise of the moving air. Helps to create a quieter ventilation system.

Metu Clamp The ultimate clamp for connecting your ventilation equipment. High quality clamp made out of strong galvanised steel with polyethylene foam. One bolt fixing ensures quick and trouble free fitting. The foam will seal up to a 4mm difference in duct sizes. These clamps form strong mechanical joins that mean you can connect CarboAir filters directly to fans, removing the need to use two clamps and a section of ducting.

Duct clips - Premium quality stainless steel quick release Duct Clips. Easy to fit and reusable clips that will not rust or degrade over time. Manufactured in the UK. Two per pack.

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