Powerplant Sunmate Grow CFL Reflector

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Powerplant Sunmate Grow CFL Reflector.

The Powerplant Sun Mate Reflector  is a great reflector for beginners and hobby growers who want to propagate, grow and flower just a couple of plants.
CFL's reduce running costs and these reflectors can support 125, 200 or 250 watt cfl's.
All light is directed towards your plant canopy with the closed end dual parabolic reflector design.
The outer body of the reflector is vented for cool running and has two fittings for hanging the reflector easily with jack chain or eazi rolls.
The Sun Mate reflector can be used with a blue CF lamp for vegetative growth keeping a mother plant and cuttings under or with a red CF lamp for providing additional lighting in large flowering grow rooms, without raising running costs and temperatures too much.
Designed for optimising the light from compact fluorescent lamps. Sturdy design can support 125w, 200w or 250w self ballasted CF lamps. Low power usage. Use the Sun Mate reflector with blue CF lamps for large scale propagation or early vegetative growth. Use the Sun Mate reflector with red CF lamps for flowering plants. Can be used horizontally for top lighting and also vertically for side lighting. Vented for cool running. Convenient on/off switch fitted on reflector. Fitted with plug and 4 metre IEC lead.

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