Plug Life Peat Mix Trays - 104 cells

Product no.: PLPM2
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Plug Life Peat Mix is a plug for growing seeds, cuttings and tissue cultures. Extremely easy to use, environmentally friendly and creates fast and robust rooting. 

Plug Life Propagation Trays provide nutrients during the first 2 weeks of growth. With a stable pH of 5.7 (±0.2) and an EC of 0.8 (±0.2).
VERSATILE - Plug Life Peat Mix offers great versatility, providing a brilliant alternative to rockwool based products.
SUSTAINABLE - Plug Life Peat Mix is almost entirely organic, made up of a mixture of peat, cocopeat, fertiliser and other components & is 100% compostible.
READY TO USE - Plug Life Peat Mix is ready to use and comes in a 104 cell tray and a 12mm bottom for easy removal.
Measurements: 51.5cm x 29.5cm
Depth: 4.3cm
Volume: 28.8cm3
Hole in Base: 1.2cm
Central Hole: Yes
Wetting Agent: No
N.P.K: 2 Weeks
Humidity: 86%
Store in a dark, cool, dry area to avoid any spoiling. Water with RO or rain water to ensure pH and EC stability is retained throughout use.
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