Philips SON-T PIA Plus 600w 220 E40

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Philips SON-T PIA Plus 600W  220 E40 

Philips SON-T PIA Plus light bulbs are high pressure sodium discharge lamps that offer unmatched reliability and a warm reboot in a few seconds. Master SON-T PIA Plus are lead-free and work on all standard high pressure sodium standard systems. Each discharge lamp of the range has a E40 base type. Philips SON-T PIA Plus 600W 220 E40 have a diameter of 167 mm.
With a color temperature of 2000K, Philips SON-T PIA Plus 600W 220 E40 lamps provide a monochromatic yellow light for brightness of 90000 lumen. Philips SON-T PIA Plus 600W 220 E40 light bulbs are very energy efficient: their lifespan is very long, 30000 hours on average! They are also dimmable so you can adjust the light intensity.


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