O.N.A. Gel - Odour Neutralising Agent - Apple Crumble- 3.8kg/8.5lbs

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O.N.A. Gel - Odour Neutralising Agent Apple Crumble 

Widely used for many different environments from removing stale odours created by indoor growing of plants through to commercial biological smell removal, ‘Odour Neutralising Agent’ (O.N.A.) is the first choice for odour control alongside good housekeeping.

‘Odour Neutralising Agent’ (O.N.A.) encapsulates the odour molecule and either destroys it or converts it to a more acceptable level.

The product is extremely flexible; there are not limitations to its usage for odour control.

Spray – for when you need a quick localised fix for an odour
Gel – ideal for longer term deodorising of closed spaces and can be used with a fan for greater effect
Solid Block – ideal for ventilation systems and small closed environments such as closets
Liquid – used for recharging the gel product or in its own right in misters or as a wash-down product


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