Neoprene Collar (50mm)

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Neoprene Collar (50mm)

High quality neoprene foam. For Aeroponic Propagators and Amazon Aeroponic Systems
A single black neoprene collar for supporting stems and protecting the roots of plants grown in Amazon Aeroponic Systems and in Aeroponic Propagators.
Essential for Aeroponic Propagators and Amazon Systems
The perfect fit for the 50mm net pot.
The Neoprene Collar is used with our 16 and 32 site Amazon Aeroponic Systems and our range of Aeroponic Propagators, though they can also be used with any other suitable system with a top tray that accommodates 50mm net pots. The collar fits perfectly inside the rim of the 50mm net pot and acts as a support for the stems of plants or cuttings, while also sealing off the system to prevent light from penetrating the top tray and damaging root systems.

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