Magna Smart Co2 Bag

Product no.: MSCO2
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The Magna Smart CO2 Bag is our largest bag yet that produces a much larger amount of carbon dioxide for your plants. It can multiply the growing speed of your plants and make fruits ripen faster improving the colour, taste and size. 

Smart CO2 is a safe, natural and effective way of producing CO2 (carbon dioxide) for your crops. Other methods such as generators or CO2 tanks may be too costly and time consuming. You do not need any further maintenance after the bag has been correctly placed over the plant.

Product Benefits: - earlier flowering

                            - higher yields

                            - increased stem strength

                            - stronger plants

Plants use photosynthesis, a process that transforms water, sunlight, and CO2 into basic materials that aid their growth and nutrition. With more CO2 in the air, plants are more active and more successful in absorbing it. Faster CO2 conversion results in faster and more intense growth. Also plants absorb CO2 through small pores on the underside of the leaves, called vents. When the CO2 level is greater, plants do not need to open these pores as often or as widely as this results in less water loss and less chance of absorbing critically harmful air pollutants.

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