Jiffy 7 Pellets 33mm

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Jiffy 7 Plugs - 33mm Peat Plugs for propogation of seeds/cuttings

Based on the ‘container and media in one’ principle, the Jiffy 7 pellet is used by growers around the globe for an array of different applications. Jiffy 7 is a clean and cost-effective rooting media well.  The plugs are continuously tested and upgraded to confirm to the highest greenhouse quality standards.

Jiffy Pellets are the easiest, simplest and cleanest way for growers to start germination of seeds or for cuttings.  You just soak the pellet in water, wait for about 5 minutes while it 'grows' in size,  then you are ready to start planting.  

Easy to move to your propagator and to plant on when your young plants are ready to be transplanted. 


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