House & Garden pH Osmosis Stabilizer - litre

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Keeping your reservoir pH balanced with RO water can be a little tricky. Due to its very low ppm, RO water is prone to dramatic fluctuations when nutrients are added, or even just from exposure to air – that’s why House & Garden – pH Osmosis Stabilizer provides the perfect blend of minerals to RO water so it stabilises pH while not causing any unwanted chemical reactions. After adding it, you can implement other nutrients without worrying about drastic changes in pH. While some growers use CalMag as a “band-aid” buffer for RO water, it only keeps the pH stable for around 2 days and often includes nitrogen, which you don’t want around during the flowering stage. pH Osmosis/Stabiliser maintains pH stability for up to 10 days, with no added nitrogen and much less potential for nutrient lockout.

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