Dutchpro Leaf Green

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Leaf Green gives plants a healthy and vital appearance. It is especially recommended for those that have noticeable difficulties during their initial development. Leaf Green contains several vital micronutrients that helps plants during times of nutrient deficiency. It also stimulates the production of green pigment in the leaves. The high-quality components will completely be absorbed by the plants.

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Nutrient deficiency harms plants and makes it vulnerable for fungi- and bacteria related diseases. Nutrient deficiency can be discovered by leaves turning yellow. Leaf Green turns this yellowish discoloring plants in a far more attractive and fresh looking green colour, whilst also helpfully improving nutrient uptake. Leaf Green also stimulates the production of green pigment in the leaves, this will improve the photosynthetic process that is needed for a great result.




Ready for use spraying liquid

Improves nutrient uptake
Helps to prevent nutrient deficiency
Leaves stay green
Improves the production of chlorophyll
Optimal absorption by the plant
Suitable for every irrigation system
No residue
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