Canna Rhizotonic 2.0 - new and improved formula

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"For a productive root zone and resilient plant"

CANNA RHIZOTONIC is a concentrated extract, derived from Atlantic Seaweed. It is an effective natural root enhancer and stress reliever. It helps your plant quickly develop a productive and healthy root system, leading to an improved uptake of water and nutrients, as well as an improved ability to cope with stressful situations such as drought shock.


The natural Root stimulant
Derived from an organic source, RHIZOTONIC is a natural extract that contains a wealth of organic material, vitamins and minerals that all help enhance the development of a plant's root zone.
Stronger plant, increased uptake
After applying RHIZOTONIC, the enhanced root system will result in healthier and stronger plants. A more vigorous root system means a much improved nutrient and water uptake for a growing plant. Being able to access the optimal amount of water and nutrient at any given time means a much better establishment of a plant, improving both a plant´s internal health and external quality.
Stress Relief
The naturally occurring elements in RHIZOTONIC can encourage a plant to create key proteins and carbohydrates used to combat symptoms of heat and drought stresses. This makes it an ideal solution to use when suffering unwanted water and environmental stresses, such as when re-potting or when suffering times of drought.
The unique formulation of CANNA RHIZOTONIC results in a powerful and concentrated seaweed extract that has an exceptional shelf life in the bottle (two years) and is highly stable when diluted into your nutrient solution.
RHIZOTONIC adds minimal EC (Electro-conductivity) when diluted into a solution. This can be particularly beneficial during germination, helping to soften a hard case of a seed, making it easier for the emerging tap root to sprout and grow.
Benefits of Marine-Plant Extract
RHIZOTONIC is derived from the North Atlantic seaweed species Ascophyllum nodosum. Extracts of this species of seaweed, being naturally rich in a wide-variety of organic compounds, have been shown to benefit plants in a variety of ways; other than just encouraging a productive root-zone of course.
Can improve microbial activity:
Symbiotic relationships between micro-life and plants can provide a wealth of benefits. A. nodosum extracts can increase populations of such bio-life in the substrate leading to a variety of beneficial microbial associations.
Can improve taste/quality:
Extracts of such marine flora have been shown to improve the chlorophyll, flavonoid and phenol content of some crops. This can lead to much richer flavour/smell profiles of the resultant harvest.
RHIZOTONIC can be used as a foliar spray and is suitable for use on any substrate and irrigation systems. In re-circulating and/or drip irrigation hydroponic systems it is recommended to renew the nutrient solution every 5-7 days.
Use for
Developing productive root systems and plants.
Seedlings/cutting/plants that need re-potting.
Plants suffering from shock and/or heat/drought stresses.
Creating a healthy micro-biology in the substrate.
Improving overall plant strength, vigour and harvest quality.
User Instructions
Shake bottle well before use
Dilution rates:
First dose – 40 ml per 10 Litres
Vegetative dosing – 20 ml per 10 Litres
Generative dosing – 5 ml per 10 Litres
When re-potting, use the first dose application, E.G: 40ml per 10 Litre.
Always correct the pH of the nutrient solution after adding base nutrients and additives.
Storage, health & safety and other directions
Over-fertilisation has a negative effect on the substrate and the plant
RHIZOTONIC is vegetable-based and suitable for all growing media. E.G. peat mixes, coir and/or inert hydroponic substrates like pebbles and rockwool.
Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place
Keep out of reach of children
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