Canna Coco Natural 50 Litre

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Canna Coco Natural 50 Litre

Product Description

CANNA Coco Natural is a natural plant medium that offers the gardener and his plants advantages as regards other substrates. CANNA Coco Natural consists of 100% coco flakes, produced in India while processing coconuts. The production process is subject to strict quality controls so we can vouch for this product’s quality.
CANNA Coco Natural is an organic product that is very lightly buffered and free of harmful viruses or soil diseases. CANNA Coco Natural has an excellent water / air system, that provides the ideal circumstances for this cultivation method. In addition, it naturally contains a special mold (Trichoderma) that protects plants against soil diseases. CANNA Coco Natural can be used a number of times.
The buffering of CANNA Coco Natural is not as heavy as Coco Professional Plus. Meaning that you have more control over the buffering process. If you would like to pre-buffer this Coco to the same level as its premium cousin it is worthwhile to have a look at the CANNA COGr Buffer Agent.
Due to the light buffering and also light pre-soaking this product is a lot lighter. (less water in the bag) This product weighs 11-12kg and is therefore easy to transport. You have a little more work in your grow room though by letting it soak in water a bit more.  All in all this is a very trustworthy Coco. Just not as easy to use as CANNA Coco Professional Plus. The choice is yours which of the two you prefer!

50 Litres

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