CAN MAX FAN 315mm - 3510m3/h

Product no.: CMF315
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CAN-FAN Max Fan Hi-powered In-line grow room fans are designed and built to the highest standards in Germany by fan specialists CAN-FAN. 

The three-dimensional curved blades efficiently direct air through the tube body where a “Stator” reduces turbulence, ensuring airflow is as smooth as possible. What this means to you and me is a reduction in energy loss and subsequently a comparatively cheap and silent fan to run over its lifetime. These fans really do move a huge amount of air!

To calculate how big a fan you will require: Simply multiply the length x width x height of your growroom in mtrs which will give you the cubic capacity of your room ..and then multiply that value by either 30 or 60 which is the minimum and maximum air changes required per hour for optimum ventilation in your growroom. 

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