LUMii EnviroGro T5 2 x 2ft (60cm) tube - Short Fluorescent Propagation Lighting Unit

Product no.: 03-140-005
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T5 fluorescent lights are great for propagation, to raise your seedlings, cuttings or young plants. The design of these T5 fluorescent lighting units ensures the light from the tubes is dispersed extremely well for optimal coverage on the plants beneath. T5 fluorescent lights emit very little heat so they can be positioned as close to your plants as possible to prevent any stretching in the early stages of growth. These T5 lighting units can also be used for additional lighting in a grow room or grow tent by hanging the units vertically and placing them next to your plants. T5 fluorescent propagation lighting units are supplied complete with blue/cool tubes (6500k) which are suitable for propagation and vegetative growth. 

T5 fluorescent lighting units have hanging loops fitted to easily connect the light to hanging chain or light hangers. A convenient On/Off power switch is also fitted to the unit, and power cable with an IEC connection and 3-pin UK plug is supplied.
T5 fluorescent lighting units are a great choice as propagation lighting and are also ideal for use with aquariums, so fish and reptile owners will also benefit from these great value lights. The reduced heat of these units in comparison to High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting means they can be positioned closer to plants, fish or animals. The lower heat build-up also means T5 lighting is suitable for use in enclosed spaces. Another advantage is that T5 fluorescent tubes generally cost less than HID lamps and are cheaper to run.
T5 fluorescent lighting units are the perfect choice for bringing on young plants. We recommend using T5 lighting in Clone Cube tents that have been specially designed to house T5 lighting units.

Digital: Yes
Dimmable: No
Lamp Fitting: T5
Light Spectrum: Blue Vegative

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