Grow Systems

Grow Systems

Hydroponic systems are classed as either active or passive, the majority of our hydroponic systems are active offering the best results.
Active hydroponics is when nutrient solution is actively delivered to the plants roots via a pump. No growing medium is necessary in active hydro; which allows an abundance of oxygen into the root zone. This constant supply of oxygen, water and nutrients results in optimum growth and yields.
Passive hydroponics is when nutrient solution is constantly available to the plant via the capillary action of the growing media, there is no pump involved. Although more effective than traditional growing methods: passive hydroponics relies on absorbent growing medium, limiting the amount of oxygen in the rootzone compared with active hydroponics.

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Root-Pruning Pot 3 Litre

Product no.: PP02

£1.50 *

Root-Pruning Pot 7.5 Litre

Product no.: PP03

£1.95 *

Root-Pruning Pot 9.5 Litre

Product no.: PP04

£2.10 *

Root-Pruning Pot 12 Litre

Product no.: PP05

£2.95 *

Root-Pruning Pot 20 Litre

Product no.: PP06

£3.75 *

Round Pots - in various sizes

Product no.: RP10

from £0.35 *

Heavy Duty Round Pot Saucers

Product no.: RS6

from £0.70 *

Square Pots - various sizes

Product no.: SP8

from £0.35 *

Heavy Duty Square Pot Saucers (Black) - various

Product no.: SS5

from £0.35 *

Nutriculture Amazon 50mm Spare Net Pot

Product no.: NP01

£0.12 *

Heavy Duty Round Net Pot 80mm

Product no.: NP02

£1.12 *

Heavy Duty Round Net Pot 200mm

Product no.: NP04

£2.95 *

Garland Jumbo Garden Tray (118 x 40 x 5 cm)

Product no.: GAR01

£11.95 *

The Garland 'Giant' Tray (110 x 55 x 4cm)

Product no.: GAR03

£12.95 *

1 Metre Square Tray Black

Product no.: GAR05

£28.95 *

1.2 Metre Square Tray Black

Product no.: GAR06

£34.95 *

Garland Boot Tray Black (79 x 40 x 4cm)

Product no.: GAR08

£7.95 *

Origin (prev Wilma) Small 4 Pot System

Product no.: Nut001

£64.96 *

Origin (prev Wilma) Big 4 Pot System

Product no.: Nut002

£79.95 *

Origin (prev Wilma) Small 8 Pot System

Product no.: Nut005

£109.95 *
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1 - 36 of 79 results

IWS Systems

IWS Systems.

NFT Systems

Hydroponic NFT Systems
Nutrient Flow Technique (NFT) Hydroponic growing systems