HYDRoToPs Bactivator

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Bioponic bactivator is 100% organic bio-stimulation for your crop and the natural foundation for a healthy and efficient root system. Bactivator offers unrivalled bio-stimulation leading to enhanced, compact vegetative growth and profuse flower and fruit production.  Additionally, Bactivator provides a natural microbial defence system against fungal infections in the root system by pre-emptive consumption of their food sources, which in turn increases resistance to pest attack.

Bactivator is supplied as two components:

The first is a unique blend of over 40 carefully selected and cultured beneficial microbes and fungi in a latent state specially blended with amino acids and extracts of Fulvic and Humic acid.

The blend will remain stable in this state indefinitely until activated

The microbes in biOpOnic bactivator symbiotically work in harmony with the roots of your crop and convert waste material from root function and convert them into usable plant nutrients to ensure nutrient and oxygen assimilation remain at optimal levels at all stages of crop growth.

The second component is a liquid blend of plant hormones, enzymes, and microbial catalysts designed to stimulate root function and sustain the microbial culture during the initial stages of inoculation.

Bioponic bactivator is a 100 % biologically active organic product for use in hydroponic, coco and soil growing.

This product contains no plant growth regulators (PGR’S)



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